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Nail Nirvana: My Pet Splurge (Pssst–Find Yourself One)

2 Jun


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Red and black nails with silver sparkles by Kristine at Time for You Too in Scottsdale.

Let’s face it. Everyone has a favorite fashion habit or treat that makes them feel a bit special and adds cheer to their day. For us disabled women, a little splurge now and then is a needed pick-me-up, and it need not cost anything.  When I have the funds, my favorite treat is a manicure with gel polish, sometimes with silver or gold sparkle.  As you may have gathered from other posts, my look is mostly classic-casual: lots of black clothing and naturally-colored short hair. Yet I like to think I have just a trace of wildness or rebellion in me, although I want to be careful how I show it. No way will I deck myself out like a cane-bearing cougar (it’s just not me) or a drop-your-jaw Person of Wal-Mart (booty, boobs, and vajayjay barely covered or sticking out? Really not me). So I stick with my clothing style and let my nails be a focal point. They look great even when I’m not feeling my best, and remind me that something is pulled together and stylin’ when my day is not going smoothly.

Hooked Since the ’80s

I can’t remember why I decided to get my first manicure back in the late ’80s, but once I did, I was hooked. Back then, the main choices for sparking up nails were silk wraps, polish on natural nails, and acrylics. I tried the latter two over the years. Now I go for the long-lasting gel polish over my natural nails. It is completely dry when you leave the salon, and lasts a good two or three weeks. I can do housework wearing it and not fear chipping or peeling.

Wearable Art

My work does not forbid artwork on nails, thank heaven, so I let owner-operator Jennifer or nail tech Kristine at Scottsdale‘s Time for You Too use their imaginations and paint me up. Often, I do opt for a single color if my mood so dictates. To me,  nail polish is wearable art that can be changed at will. If your travels take you to Scottsdale, check out Jennifer or Kristine. Both are talented, and the salon is not far from Old Town Scottsdale or ASU in Tempe.

On a Budget, The Brain Kicks In

Of course, when funds are tight, I skip the  $32 manicures and every other splurge that costs money. I take charge of my own nails and  enjoy freebies, such as classic novels on my Kindle, photos on Tumblr and all the fun boards on Pinterest, not to mention IFB and the fashion blogs. The ultimate fashion organ is the brain anyway. I’m not a covetous person, so I can peruse photos and say “That’s cool!” without feeling “I must have it.”  When I feel more secure about my bank balance, I return to the salon for my dose of nail nirvana.


Gel manicures are the splurge that works for me. However, I have two pain-free hands with ten fingers. Your treat has to fit your needs and tastes. Do you enjoy decorating your assistive device, or having someone apply makeup for you?  Perhaps you prefer volunteering in your community. Whatever treat you select–and I do think you should have one–it should make you feel better. A blip of feeling better is good for the brain and puts a smile on your face; how beautiful is that?