When It Hurts to Go Barefoot, your Wallet Shouldn’t Feel the Pinch (Orthotics II)

8 Nov
PayLess Shoes, orthotics, disabled shopping, wefly2,shoes

Mary Janes from PayLess.com.

Let’s face it: sometimes it isn’t possible to save up for that comfy, long-lasting pair of New Balance walkers or SAS Mary Janes, even though you know the fit and quality will be good. You need less expensive shoes now; you are not going to cut back on groceries to buy them, and they still have to accommodate your orthotics. Mission impossible? Not always. Check out some of the less costly venues below.

Target and Target.com

Athletic shoes for $12.99 online…Mossimos for $8.64 in the store, on sale…various sizes and colors, too! The selection is larger online, but if you prefer trying on shoes in person, on-ground stores carry a variety of reasonably priced styles as well. Regular in-store prices range  from $19.99-$39.99.

Wal-Mart and Wal-Mart.com

$9.99 and even $8.99 sneakers on sale here. Like Target, online shopping may yield a bigger selection. A tip: look for removable footbeds to help with a good fit for your orthotics. If the online description doesn’t mention removable footbeds and the sales associate on the phone can’t answer your questions about them, you may want to skip the purchase.


What a find this site is! Look up your favorite orthotic-friendly styles in the Footsmart catalog, which also tells you which shoes suit flat,regular, and high arches. If BuyCheapr.com carries the same shoe–Nike,New Balance– you can purchase it for up to 50% less! Lots to choose from at good prices even if you don’t use this method.

PayLess and PayLess.com

Inventory changes frequently, and prices are well below those of department stores. Mary Janes, loafers, athletic shoes,  and other styles are all available for about $22.99, and Payless is currently offering a BOGO sale on selected shoes. Definitely worth checking out.

Shoes: Do You Get What You Pay For?

Probably, in many cases. I prefer to save for a pair that has rollbars to prevent pronation and is designed for orthotics and flat arches, even if I own fewer shoes that way. To each her own. But the market does allow us to run out and find good-looking shoes for an interview, date, or just-because-we-feel-like-it occasion without breaking the bank, and we need these options. Orthotics are becoming part of the footwear vocabulary now, slowly but surely! May you find what you need.


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