Adaptive Clothing: Comfort, Fit, and Utility

15 Oct

Blouse from

It’s a matter of self-respect: you may not be venturing out in public on a particular day, but you still want to feel good about what you wear and how you look. Those who design fashions for nursing-home residents and stay-at-home disabled women are well aware of these needs. By the same token, if you are dressing for work or dinner out, you appreciate well-fitting garments that are easy to put on and do not sag, pull, or bunch unattractively. Herewith, a list of websites that review online stores featuring adaptive clothing–the places that “get” us! Happy shopping!

The Boulevard Disabled Resources

Blouse and pants from

Adaptive Clothing Links Directory

United Spinal’s Tech Guide

Open Directory: Shopping: Health: Disabilities: Assistive……

The DRM WebWatcher

Top Adaptive Clothing Sites

Home sewers have their own sites, too–more on this later. Until then, take heart: we don’t have to rely on baggy sweats or Whatever We Can Grab anymore!


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